Coke Studio Season 1 – Sajid & Zeeshan My Happiness HD Song + Lyrics


If i stumble for you this time,
Would you follow me around?
Can’t you see that loneliness is,
Bringing me down.

If i anger you my innocence,
If i let you plead,
If i held you not so close then,
I was incomplete.

Could u feel it?
While i melted
You could’ve been my home
But now we live alone
A part but face to face and you’re my happiness,

Sowing sorrows where my foot steps,
Caring me to break,
To leave me is leave you,
I know you can’t do,
Leaves you no grace,

Can’t you feel it?
You cant leave it,
We need to be alone,
But not so much to know,
That we’re apart but face to face and you’re my happiness,

So don’t let me down ‘cos i wont throw,
A hope that i held when there was no more,
So come from within and let me show,
A smile that you stole, you never could hold
Take out the hate, it just couldn’t breathe,
Am open to you, be open to me.


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