Coke Studio Season 3 – Arif Lohar Mirza Sahibaan HD Song + Lyrics


Hujray shah muqeem dey aik jatti arz karay
A woman from the Jatt caste appeals at a shrine

Mein bakra daindiyaan pir da meray sirr da kaunth maray
I will sacrifice a goat if You rid me of my bad luck

O hatti sarray karrar di
That Hindu’s shop burns down which lights up the whole street

(Balle Balle, Shawa Shawa)

(Repeat 1, 2 & 3)

O hath utha fakir ney o mangi ai dua
The fakir raised his arms and prayed for the woman

Jaa bibi ghar aapnay, aaj karsi fazal khuda
He then turned to the woman and asked her to go home

O sargi larka jamiya, tey keeta fazal khuda
Her prayers were answered the same day and she was blessed with a boy

Uss apnay zehan kiyas toon, ditta Mirza naam rahaan
The Jatt woman christened her newborn Mirza

O jiss din Mirza jamiya, uss din aie jumaay di raat
It was a Thursday night when Mirza was born

Unnon gutti mil gaye ishq di
And Mirza was only weaned with love

(Balle Balle, Shawa Shawa)

O Kech-nagar da Punno shahzada vich Bambhoreen aya
When Punno, the prince from Kech-nagar, came to Bhambhore

Laggi suchaat ishqay wali sir tey bhuchka chaya
He was blinded by his love

Nazak badan malook safee da ki mein karaan kahani
What can I narrate.. suffice it to say, his beloved was so fragile and delicate

Sassi tassi vich Thallan dey margai bajoon paani
But Sassi died in the deserts of Thal just waiting to have her thirst quenched

(Balle Balle, Shawa Shawa)

O Farhaday vi ishq kamaya, zaati da lohar
Even Farhad, a blacksmith by caste, earned love

Khaatir Shirin vaikhan karn, suttay patt pahar
And moved mountains to meet his Shirin

O Ranjha takht hazaray wala, zaati da au jut
Even Ranjha, a Jutt from Takht-Hazaray

Jaan siyaali chaak sadhaya hoya chor chapat
Became a servant in Siyal for his love

O koorh makaan fana da, ithay baith kissay nahin rehna
This world is an illusion, nothing here is forever

Inna teriyan mahallan oday haur kisa aa baina
The palaces you build will be the abodes of someone else tomorrow

Melay hon jugg tey joondiyaan
This world is colored only by the people who reside here

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