NH10 – Le Chal Mujhe (Female) HD Video Song + Lyrics

Movie: NH10                                      Singer: Shilpa Rao


Le Chal Mujhe, Le Chal Mujhe
Kahin Door Yahan Se Door
Yahan Se Door
Kho Jaayenge Phir Kahin
Rou Aayenge Phir Wahin

Aakhein Tujhe Dhoondhe Kahin
Ab Aaja Sata Na, Tu Aaja Sata Na
Teri Chaahaton Mein Phiroon Baawri
Aye Humnava Tu Khoya Kahan
Aankhein Tujhe Dhoondhe Kahin

Kho Jaayenge Phir Kahin…
Ro Aayenge Phir Wahin

Lo Chal Pade, Lo Hum Chal Pade
Tere Sang, Tere Sang, Tere Sang
Bhaag Jaayenge Phir Kahin
Laut Aayenge Phir Wahin.

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